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Scientific misconduct policy

HFSP is dedicated to maintaining the highest international standards of good scientific practice in applications, reviews and the conduct of awards. Procedures for dealing with the allegation of scientific misconduct related to HFSP grants and fellowships are in place as described below:

1. Definition

Scientific misconduct means data fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, or any other practice that seriously deviates from those commonly accepted within the scientific community, either in research proposals submitted to HFSPO, or in performing or reporting research funded by HFSPO. HFSPO expects that applicants will adhere to the most stringent international criteria of good scientific conduct in preparing their application. More information here.

2. Preliminary Inquiry

When the HFSPO Secretariat receives an allegation, the Secretary-General confirms whether the alleged misconduct falls within the definition of scientific misconduct and whether it occurred in the context of an HFSP activity. Only allegations in writing can be accepted.

3. Measures taken by HFSPO

The Secretary-General will communicate that there is an allegation to the host institution. Should an investigation be carried out by the host institution, HFSPO will ask to be notified of the outcome of the investigation, including any disciplinary measures taken by the institution, within 30 days of completion of the investigation and determination of disciplinary action, if any. The Secretary-General will inform the Board of Trustees of the result of the host institution's investigation and of any disciplinary measures. The Board of Trustees may decide to suspend the review of the research proposal, or to suspend or terminate the award, bearing in mind the nature of the misconduct. The Board of Trustees may also impose further restrictions, such as declaring the ineligibility of the researcher in question for future awards.

4. Contact information

The point of contact for an allegation is Click here to show mail address.

5. Other dispositions

If the procedure defined above is considered insufficient to cope with the alleged misconduct, the Secretary-General will seek advice from the Board of Trustees. This procedure will be reviewed periodically by the Secretariat, for possible revision by the Board of Trustees.