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Director of Research Grants Geoffrey Richards

Biography of HFSPO Director of Research Grants Geoffrey Richards


For 20 years Geoff Richards was a senior Research Director of the French CNRS. Although an entrance scholar in Chemistry to Queens’ College, Cambridge in 1969, he switched fields and completed a Ph.D in 1975 in Drosophila developmental cytogenetics with Michael Ashburner (Genetics Dept, Cambridge University).

He moved to Strasbourg in 1980 to join Pierre Chambon’s laboratory and apply molecular techniques to his studies of the hormonal regulation of Drosophila development. He used P element transformation extensively for in vivo studies of gene regulation and, more recently, micro RT-PCR techniques to study multiple transcripts in individual staged/treated Drosophila tissues.

Prior to joining HFSP in 2004, he spent some 10 years in a dual role as both a group leader at the IGBMC and its Executive Secretary with the overall responsibility for national and international, academic and industrial research contracts including intellectual property issues.