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Gene expression profile of tumor infiltrating T cells isolated from melanoma patients.

Extra stickiness helps T cells fight cancer

Cancers often neutralize the T cells that try to fight them. Layilin, a protein found on tumor infiltrating T cells,…

A cluster of arabidopsis flowers

Organ size reproducibility requires robust timing of organ initiation

To carry out their functions, organs must form with the same size and shape despite growing in a fluctuating,…

Chromatin fiber.

Molecular snapshots of transcription factors engaging the genome

The DNA in our cells is wrapped around histone proteins to form nucleosomes, and then further condensed into chromatin,…

The respiratory complexes I, III and IV associate to form the N-respirasome super complex.

CNIC scientists identify the mechanism that regulates mitochondrial energy production

Press release from Centro Nacional de Enfermedades Cardiovasculares (CNIC), Spain

Zebrafish - expensive germline hypothesis

The expensive germline - ageing and the hidden costs of reproduction

Why organisms age is one of the key unsolved puzzles in biology. Testing the ‘expensive germline hypothesis', we showed…

Super resolution microscopy image of a nucleus

Nuclei and chromatin change their mechanical properties under mechanical stress to protect genome integrity

Protection of the genetic code within our DNA is critical for human health. Stresses leading to DNA damage cause a…

NEK6 (purple) and microtubule (green) at a plant cell edge:

Plants monitor their own shapes

Plants, like animals, are able to sense their own deformation. We identified a repressor of this response in plants. In…

From ancient enzymes to modern activities

Repurposing ancient proteins for modern functions

It's possible to journey billions of years back in time and resurrect ancient proteins in the laboratory, using…

Novelty speeds up learning

Novelty speeds up learning with dopamine

How do novel stimuli promote learning? Novelty directly activates the dopamine system, which is responsible for…


Bats amongst the elite club of vocal learning mammals

Vocal learning is a rare trait in the animal kingdom that allows animals to learn to produce new sounds. We found that…

Schematic of the CRISPR approach

A new gene editing approach to answer some old immunological questions

Current gene engineering approaches in a key immune cell type called T cells require prior cell activation in a dish…

Javier Montenegro

How a primitive fibrillar network controls distribution within a confined environment

In most dynamic cell phenomena, the cellular cytoskeleton is responsible for the generation of directional forces. Site…