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HFSPO Chief Operations Officer

The International Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO) is seeking a Chief Operations Officer (COO). 


Position available - Chief Operations Officer

HFSPO is a unique international collaboration in frontier life science research.  It promotes innovative, cutting edge research at the frontiers of the life sciences through international collaboration in the spirit of science without borders and for the benefit of humankind. It is supported financially by Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, USA and the European Commission.

The Chief Operations Officer will be a senior administrator with scientific training, or a demonstrated understanding, experience and knowledge of the values and approaches to scientific research. This is a new HFSPO position. The COO will take responsibility for ensuring coordinated, integrated, high quality administration of the Secretariat’s work.  The COO will have modern training and skills in administration and experience in governmental or semi-governmental organizations such as a Ministry, a governmental research agency or other large research agency, a major university or a research institution. The HFSPO Secretariat consists of 16 staff, located in Strasbourg, France. It is headed by a Secretary-General, to whom the COO will report.

The COO will, inter alia

•     be responsible for all administrative support of HFSPO’s activities including oversight of financial activities, human resource activities and information technology activities;

•     be responsible for the maintenance of all HFSPO physical infrastructure;

•     provide administrative support for all HFSPO meetings, including the Board, Council, peer review committees and workshops;

•     provide administrative support for all research awards approved by the Board and paid to awardees through institutions;

•     develop, update and maintain internal regulations, guidelines, standard operational procedures under HFSPO Statues and Bylaws;

•     ensure the coordination and support of all HFSPO authorised travel;

•     communicate with HFSPO Members and Trustees;

•     support the needs of non-French Secretariat staff with local and national authorities and requirements;

•     ensure that the accountability requirements of HFSPO Members and their Member Supporting Parties (MSPs) are met.

Selection criteria

The successful applicant will

•     have had administrative experience in a government or semi-governmental organization, or another major scientific organization involved in supporting research. This experience will have been at a level with substantial responsibility;

•     have been involved in scientific research, or be able to demonstrate knowledge of the funding mechanisms and values of high quality scientific research;

•     demonstrate an understanding of HFSPO’s unique role in life science research;

•     be able to provide skilled administrative support to the Board and Secretary-General through an understanding of HFSPO’s governance arrangements;

•     be proficient in English (HFSPO’s official language) and have a good knowledge of French.

Enquiries and applications to Closing date 4 July 2019.

Media contacts

Guntram Bauer
Director Scientific Affairs and Communications

Rosalyn Huie